Pen-and-ink drawing

Evgeny Malykh. The sketch of the nude male model. Pen-and-ink drawing. 38×45 cm. The Fifth Year of study.This work was created under the guidance of Professor A.L. Korolev. St.Petersburg, 1986 The first time I knew about pen-and-ink drawing was the period of my studies at the Art College in Ekaterinburg. Listening to the lectures on […]

Pavel Chistiakov as an individual, artist, and a mentor

Three years running, I am going for my summer open-air sessions to the town of Pushkin, former Tsarskoye Selo. This name of the town is the one I’m more familiar with because it is initially given to this city and historically more consistent. In addition to this, the town of Tsarskoye Selo is called Muses’ […]

Visiting master

Museum-apartment of A.I.Kuindzhi My impressions Музей-квартира А.И.Куинджи, гостиная. The Museum-Apartment of Archip Kuindzhi. The Living Room The fact that everything is always changing is no more a secret these days.     It seems that craving for novelty nowadays has reached its limits. We are looking for novelty in everything: from new objects and events to scientific […]

Juho Rissanen and the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts

To the question of the Russian-Finnish relationships in the second part of the 19th century Among Finnish artists, whose education in a certain degree was firmly related to the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts, Juho Rissanen occupies a special place. Although he studied only for a short period at the studio of Ilya Repin (December 1897 […]

Eero Jarnefelt and the Imperial Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg.

Ээро Ярнефельт, финский художник   Eero Jarnefelt and the Imperial Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg. To the question of the Russian-Finnish artistic relationship during the second half of the 19th century Russian-Finnish cultural and artistic relations have a long and fascinating history that dates back to ancient times. The Finns still lived on the banks […]

The Wonders That Are Around Us

Анна Ивановна Зеленова в своем рабочем кабинете в Павловском дворце. Anna Ivanovna Zelenova in her office room in the Pavlovsk Palace There are many things in the world that we are accustomed to but usually ignore: buildings, streets, trees, monuments, cars passing by all this is our environment and the part of our lives. Regrettably, […]

Architect Kostantin Thon and the destiny of one of his creations (St.Catherine Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo)

Собор святой великомученицы Екатерины в Царском Селе. Архитектор К.А.Тон The Great Martyr Ekaterina Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo (Now the Town of Pushkin) Architect K.Thon The summer of the year of 2006 I spent in the town of Pushkin which is located 23 kilometers from St.Petersburg. While working in the open air, I noticed a large […]

St. Petersburg Academy of Arts: the history of educational activity beyond the school curriculum. A brief research

In the I.E.Repin’s art studio. В учебной мастерской И.Е.Репина Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and Education — all these words can be read above every of the entrance doors in the main round-shaped courtyard of the Academy of Arts building. These words are seen as the motto of this educational institution, the oldest Russian Art Academy. Every […]

My short memoirs about A. L. Korolev

Professor Alexander Leonidovich Korolev, May, 1985Профессор А.Л.Королев. Май, 1985 г.       Many outstanding painters, sculptors, architects, and art historians have studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art, which walls witnessed many personal histories. It’s worth remembering for the rest of your life. The atmosphere of the Academy evokes such recollections. It often […]